Same liberal media claiming immigrant children held in “cages” say nothing when American children are chemically IMPRISONED with psychiatric drugs

The mass media is once again going nuts over the fact that aliens entering our country illegally from south of the border are being captured and put in detention facilities as they await deportation.

Some sources, chomping at yet another opportunity to bash President Trump, are intentionally describing these facilities in the worst jail-like terms, using verbiage like “cages” to describe the different holding areas where men, women, and children are being held while border patrol agents process them into the system.

Even as these same media outlets continue to blatantly ignore the mass poisoning of children every single day with psychiatric medications that destroy their brains, sources like the Associated Press (AP), for instance, are laying it on thick concerning our nation’s enforcement of immigration laws.

In a recent piece describing the situation, AP writer Nomaan Merchant made sure to use the word “cage” or “cages” six times to describe a large holding warehouse in South Texas where hundreds of illegal aliens are currently being held. Merchant paints a picture of absolute squalor, describing how food and water are apparently “scattered” around the facility, and that some “cages” are holding “20 children inside.”

Of course there is no mention of the true dimensions of these so-called “cages,” as Merchant chose to call them – just the vivid implication of starving children packed into tiny crates of some sort as they await sentencing by some big, bad immigration officials who are maniacally laughing as they abuse these poor, innocent souls.

It’s the epitome of the liberal media’s not-so-subtle brainwashing tactics, which are designed to make bleeding hearts feel anger and disgust over the Trump administration’s enforcement of immigration laws, which in some cases requires separating young children from their parents (though the president recently put an end to this by signing an executive order that keeps illegal alien families together).

Psych drugs are putting our nation’s children into mental “cages” – so why doesn’t the media care about this?

But while all of this is happening, where’s the outrage over the tens of thousands of legal American children who are being forced to take psych pills every day that keep them docile, obedient, and oftentimes without personalities? Nobody seems to be talking about how these brain-altering psychotropic meds are essentially trapping children into mental “cages” where they can’t even think straight.

According to the latest statistics, more than six percent of all American children are now being treated with medications for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. And over the past eight years, there’s been a shocking 42 percent increase in ADHD diagnoses, which means more children than ever before are now taking these drugs.

ADHD medications, in case you aren’t aware, can cause children to think and do things that they otherwise wouldn’t. Many mass school shooters, it turns out, were found to have been taking them, as well as other drugs, when they decided to go on killing sprees, for instance. James Holmes (Aurora movie theater shooting) and Adam Lanza (Newtown school shooting) are two prominent examples of this.

It just goes to show how dishonest the media can be. On the one hand, the leftist news outlets love to bemoan about “the children!” whenever there’s a mass school shooting, immediately jumping to blaming guns. We’re also now seeing mass hysteria over illegal alien children allegedly being separated from their parents at the border – which is just so mean! But where’s the outrage over the many young children in America today who are being chemically lobotomized by dangerous pharmaceuticals and vaccines?

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