Rockland County, New York, issues BAN on all unvaccinated children in public – “papers, please?”

Plagiarizing Nazi-era oppression almost verbatim, Rockland County, New York, located to the northwest of New York City, has decided to ban all unvaccinated children from public places, citing “public health” concerns as the impetus behind this heinous affront to civil rights.

At the direction of Rockland County Executive Ed Day, anyone under the age of 18 in Rockland County will now be prohibited from leaving the house unless he or she is fully up-to-date with all CDC-recommended vaccinations, including the highly controversial MMR vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella.

The temporary 30-day ruling is said to be “the first such effort of this kind nationally and the circumstances we face here clearly call for that,” Day is quoted as saying during a recent press conference about the ruling.

Similar to what occurred in Nazi Germany back during World War II, Day and his police state cronies intend to target those who reject the state-sanctioned doctrines of vaccination by implementing a “papers, please?” scenario, in which vaccine-checkers apparently now have free reign to pull people aside without probable cause or due process, and demand that they procure evidence of vaccination – otherwise they might get a giant “anti-vaxxer” star patch affixed to their arms.

Anyone who is unwilling to placate the demands of this vaccine police state will potentially be fined and prosecuted – or as Day himself stated unequivocally, turned over to the district attorney for handling.

“Parents will be held accountable if they are found to be in violation of this state of emergency act,” Day openly admitted during a recent press conference. “And the focus of this effort is on the parents of these children. We are urging them once again, now with the authority of law, to get your children vaccinated.”

“If we have a situation where it comes to our attention that a parent is willingly, knowingly, not allowing a child to be vaccinated, under the emergency order, it will be referred to the district attorney,” he further stated.

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Rockland officials are actually going door-to-door to enforce vaccine compliance

Not only are people apparently now being stopped on the streets in Rockland County and having their vaccine status verified, but officials there are also reportedly going door-to-door in an effort to “deal with” the alleged measles “epidemic.”

“Our inspectors have begun to meet increasing resistance from those they are trying to protect,” Day lamented about the local community not exactly welcoming this newfound police state presence that’s interfering in their personal lives.

“Our health inspectors have been hung up upon or told not to call again. They’ve been told ‘we’re not discussing this – do not come back,’ when visiting the homes of infected individuals as part of their investigations … This kind of response is not acceptable, and frankly, irresponsible,” he added.

Since things aren’t going exactly how he wants them to, Day added that he’s planning to introduce new legislation that would extend this 30-day ban and make it a permanent fixture of the local community – meaning anyone who isn’t vaccinated and lives in Rockland County will instantly become a criminal.

“We’re in the process of drafting a local law to provide for the protection of county residents and visitor[s] in the events of outbreaks of communicable diseases for consideration of our partners in government, the Rockland County legislature,” he’s quoted as saying.

“We owe this to the residents of our community so that we never have to go through this again.”

Neither Ed Day nor anyone from his office has responded to requests from Natural News for clarification about the ban, its constitutionality, or how this all aligns with the civil rights of Rockland County residents and visitors.

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