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You may think you’re well-informed about vaccine safety simply because you listen to the mainstream media and public health agencies like the CDC. But as Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, explained during a recent episode of his Health Ranger Report show, available at, the official narrative about vaccines is both skewed and misleading.

This is why he’s now recommending that more people head on over to, where independent reporting about vaccine safety is abundant. Contrary to what the talking heads on the television would have us all believe, vaccines typically aren’t the “safe and effective” solution to infectious disease that Americans have been told they are for many decades.

“If you’re not yet reading, definitely add this to your list of sites to check out,” Adams says. “We are publishing groundbreaking, investigative articles there about vaccine science that shows the dangers and risks of vaccines that the mainstream media, of course, absolutely refuses to cover.”

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There’s a “massive, organized coverup” of honest vaccine science, says Adams

For years, government health agencies have tried to drill into the minds of the public that vaccines are the greatest thing since America gained its independence, or the end of World War II. But when you look at the actual scientific data, it tells a much different story about the true nature of these chemical-laden jabs.

“There is a massive, organized cover-up when it comes to vaccines,” Adams warns. “The narrative of the mainstream media and the CDC and doctors, for that matter – who are scientifically illiterate when it comes to immunization, by the way – is that vaccines have no risks whatsoever, that they never harm any children, and that they’re 100 percent effective.”

“The truth is so far from that, it is the flip side of it, it’s the opposite,” he adds. “Vaccines harm thousands of children every year, and they kill probably at least 1,400 children a year, according to government statistics, just in the United States.”

Vaccines are loaded with mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, live viruses, and other deadly toxins

What many people still don’t realize is that vaccinations aren’t just harmless, deactivated versions of infectious diseases. They’re chemical cocktails loaded with toxic ingredients that destroy human health, which more than likely explains why chronic disease rates are now higher than perhaps ever before.

“Vaccines have risks because they have toxic ingredients,” says Adams. “They contain mercury, they contain aluminum, formaldehyde, which is a neurotoxin, and other chemicals, chemical adjuvants that are added to vaccines to make them cause a more inflammatory response.”

Many vaccines actually contain live viruses as well that are known to spread more disease, not to mention the fact that many of them aren’t even effective as claimed. This is why Adams says that the effectiveness of vaccines “is largely a joke.”

“The vaccine industry causes more outbreaks than it prevents at this point, because most of the population doesn’t carry these diseases like polio or measles, it’s very rare in Western countries,” explains Adams.

“But the cases that do occur are more likely to be vaccine-caused than to be acquired in the wild, let’s say. So vaccines are actually perpetuating the very diseases that they claim to be preventing, and that is something that you’re never told about vaccines.”

Another inconvenient fact, recently admitted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with reluctance, is that vaccines are very high-risk, especially for pregnant women. A recent CDC study, Adams notes, found that the risk of spontaneous abortion is greatly increased in pregnant women who receive government-recommended vaccines.

Be sure to check out for more hard-hitting truth about vaccines.

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