Medical fascism: Leftist publishers urging doctors to push gun control onto patients

There’s a sinister movement afoot that’s aiming to brainwash more Americans in to sacrificing their Second Amendment rights on the altar of political correctness by having physicians, rather than just politicians, tell them that “guns are bad.”

According to reports, House Democrats working feverishly to eliminate the individual right to bear arms in the United States are now teaming up with Leftist doctors to convey a message that gun violence is out of control, and that the only solution is to restrict gun ownership strictly to those who work in government.

Following their recent passage of new legislation mandating federal background checks on all gun sales, House Democrats are joining up with the so-called “#ThisIsOurLane” social media movement, which like the previous “March For Our Lives” scheme intends to exploit the public’s emotions in an attempt to stamp out the Second Amendment.

“They bring the human factor into it, the human element,” stated Representative Pete King, a Leftist “Republican” from New York who co-sponsored the universal background check bill that was recently passed by the House – and who basically admitted with this inane statement that many Americans don’t see politicians as legitimate human beings anymore, which is why these same soulless politicians are now exploiting medical professionals as their new spokesmen for gun control.

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If politicizing the medical profession doesn’t work, Democrats plan to stage more gun violence false flags to push gun control

The newest excuse that both Leftist Democrats and “RINO” (Republican in name only) Republicans like Rep. Pete King are giving as to why doctors’ perspectives on gun control somehow matter more than both the Second Amendment and public opinion at large is that gun violence is now a “public health” issue.

These gun-grabbers want to see the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other federal agencies “study” the issue and come to the conclusion that gun ownership is a public health crisis, which they hope will lead to an eventual ban on gun ownership, and the removal of all existing guns from the public.

If this doesn’t work, the gun-grabbers will simply stage more gun violence false flag events to continue chipping away at gun rights in the U.S. – something that, as we previously reported, they’ve openly promised to do.

Why aren’t these same gun-grabbing doctors speaking up about being “traumatized” by the tens of thousands of Americans who die annually from taking prescribed pharmaceuticals?

There are apparently a number of doctors already onboard with this agenda, including American Medical Association (AMA) President Barbara McAneny, who told the mainstream media that having to deal with gun violence wounds in trauma wards “traumatizes us.”

This is obviously some kind of joke, seeing as how tens of thousands of Americans are injured and killed by doctor-prescribed pharmaceuticals every single year, and we never hear a peep about doctors being “traumatized” by the fallout of this.

Nevertheless, doctors preaching to their patients against guns is now going to be a thing, and it’s already been condemned by the National Rifle Association (NRA) as yet another lame attempt at overriding and eliminating the Second Amendment using emotion and feelings as some kind of “justification” for basically eliminating the Bill of Rights.

“The NRA is absolutely right, and these physicians need to get back in their lane,” says Arthur Przebinda, the project director at Doctors For Responsible Gun Ownership, an association of doctors in support of gun rights that has several thousand members nationwide.

“Physicians are trained and educated to be physicians and surgeons, and that is what they are qualified to do.”

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