Newsweek says vaccines have “no health risks,” calls for “trust in science” – who are they even kidding?

Some people have falsely accused Natural News of spreading “fake news” for constantly driving home the fact that the mainstream media routinely and absurdly contends that all vaccines are 100 percent safe and effective all the time, even though vaccine package inserts created by vaccine corporations reveal that there are very real dangers associated with vaccines. But reality has once against proven these folks wrong, as none other than Newsweek recently published a ridiculous op-ed claiming that anyone who says that there are health risks associated with vaccines simply has no “faith in science.”

The opinion piece, which has since gone viral across social media, labels anyone who actually reads vaccine package inserts and asks honest questions about vaccines as an “Anti Vaxxer,” derogatorily accusing those who defect from the “herd” of mass vaccine worship of defying “science.” It’s an increasingly common mainstream media tactic to silence anyone who would dare to challenge official vaccine dogma, and goes right along with the vaccine industry’s agenda to demonize all vaccination defectors.

“‘Anti Vaxxer,’ of course, is the media’s derogatory label for anyone who dares to question public vaccine policy,” wrote Jeremy R. Hammond in a rebuttal piece for, which was republished with permission by “Anytime you see this label being tossed out, you can know with 100% certainty that what you are reading is not a science-based discussion, but pure propaganda.”

Parents who refuse vaccines aren’t defying science; they’re EMBRACING it

The absurdity of Newsweek claiming that “Anti Vaxxers” are somehow defying “science” is found in the fact that the vast majority of parents who reject vaccines do so either because their own children or the children of others they know have suffered vaccine-related health damage, or they did their own independent research, as opposed to simply gobbling up and digesting the medical establishment’s pseudoscientific lies like the rest of the “herd.”

There’s a reason why more and more parents don’t trust vaccines, in other words, and it has nothing to do with Jenny McCarthy or these mythical anti-science sentiments we’re constantly hearing about. In truth, those who choose not to vaccinate themselves and/or their children have studied up on real science that the establishment never talks about, which contradicts everything that the Cult of Vaccination is disseminating and spreading as “fact.”

“[T]he problem is emphatically not that people are losing their faith in science,” Hammond explains in his rebuttal. “On the contrary, it’s that they recognize that what public health officials and propaganda rags like Newsweek say science says about vaccines and what science actually says are two completely different and mutually incompatible things.”

“They recognize that, when it comes to vaccines, the mainstream media prefers to do public policy advocacy instead of journalism,” he adds.

Barbara Rath, the writer of Newsweek’s propaganda piece, heads a pro-vaccine think tank working on behalf of Big Vaccine

It’s important to note that the author of Newsweek‘s pro-vaccine propaganda piece is a woman by the name of Barbara Rath, the co-founder and chair of the so-called “Vienna Vaccine Safety Initiative,” a pro-vaccine propaganda think tank that exists solely to promote and push vaccines whenever, wherever, and however it can at the behest of the vaccine industry.

In other words, Rath’s goal with her article in Newsweek isn’t to present actual science in defense of her and the magazine’s pro-vaccine position. It’s merely to push more vaccines on the gullible masses by denigrating those who rightfully and honestly question vaccine safety and effectiveness in the interest of public health.

“Rath’s motive is illuminated further down the page, where she opines that ‘Restoring trust in vaccines and immunization requires innovative solutions …,” Hammond adds. “Notice that she’s dropped the pretense of restoring faith in science and just stated flatly that it’s faith in public vaccine policy that she’s really after – and these are two mutually incompatible aims.”

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